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The Lightest trailers on the north american market !

At Armorteck, no matter your field of activity, we believe that using the most technologically advanced and component-wise trailer on the market will improve your performance at all levels. With an all-aluminum structure paired with the new HEXACORE technology, new laminated composite panels reinforced with polypropylene honeycomb cores, Armorteck trailers are the lightest in North America!

ArmorteCk, the perfect combination of durability and lightness!

The hexacore technology innovative features:

The lightest and most durable trailer on the market

Translucid roof effect

Easy washable from the outside as from the inside

Hardly scratched and resistant to impact

Fully recyclable material

When you will drive it… you we feel the innovation



  1. Aluminum extruded rear cap with galvanized steel gusshets.

  2. Aluminum extruded structure that joint the wall and the roof together that make it stronger than any trailer on the market.

  3. One piece wall of 1’’ honeycomb panel that can withstand a high impact. HEXACORE TECHNOLOGY

  4. Heavy duty aluminum door stopper.

  5. Electrical junctions box easy to reach and use.

  6. 100% aluminum frame.

  7. Voltflex sealed connector that stay flexible at -40 celsius / -40 fahrenheit (7 years warranty).

  8. One piece of non-skid floor 7/8’’ honeycomb panel.

  9. Leaf or torsion Dexter axels.

  10. One piece roof of 1’’ honeycomb panel that allow you to walk on the roof whitout any risk of breaking somethings. HEXACORE TECHNOLOGY

  11. Exterior and interior led light.

  12. Premium radial tire.

  13. Aluminum hardware on all models.

  14. Evo 3.0 rear loading and back up light installed on all models.

  15. Dura-flap technology eliminating piano hinge (Ramp Door).


We hire!

Massive hiring program

By the time it opens, Armorteck is looking to fill 60 jobs in administration, customer service, and various production jobs within the company (assembler, welder-assembler, electro mechanic, maintenance, operator of welding robot, handling robot operator, robotic programmer). The trailer manufacturing company aims to attract a skilled workforce by offering high paying positions that provide exceptional working conditions and environment, in unique, high quality facilities.

The direction invites the public to apply immediately by emailing their resume to the following address :


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